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  • ArtSpring Program Coordinator

    ArtSpring Festival - Tucker County WV
    Job Description


    Type of Position: Contract, part-time

    Preferred Start: December 1, 2018

    Position Summary

    ArtSpring is “A Steward of Tucker County Arts” in West Virginia. With a dedicated space for creative exhibition, education, and promotion as well as an established annual spring festival at the core of its program, ArtSpring engages individual artists and the general public in creative pursuits throughout the year. By promoting Tucker County as a distinctive arts destination, positive benefits accrue to cultural tourism and the general economy. The ArtSpring Program Coordinator collaborates with and reports to a volunteer Board of Directors and its committees specifically to plan (1) festival events and (2) year-round programming for ArtSpring’s spaces in Cottrill’s Opera House and other locations, and more generally to support executive functions. These duties include, but are not limited to the following: 


    • Coordinate festival planning and execution; chair the Festival Committee to develop and implement a Board-approved plan.
    • Coordinate ArtSpring’s year-round programming; chair the Programming Committee, working through committee consensus to develop and implement a Board-approved plan for art exhibitions/sales, events, and public information in the Opera House and other locations.
    • Implement the full range of decisions and strategies as determined by the Marketing Committee in support of all program functions, and chair it's Working Group on Merchandising. 
    • Support fundraising goals through sales, events, and solicitations as determined by the Development Committee and other committees and Board working groups.
    • Support all Board and committee functions, decisions, and planning.
    • Provide liaison, outreach, and communications with other organizations as appropriate in order to carry out ArtSpring goals for community collaborations and partnerships.
    • Provide secondary support to the AFHA-designated Primary Site Supervisor of the AmeriCorps Member, who works primarily in the areas of community engagement and public information.
    • Other duties as assigned.



    The Program Coordinator thrives through cultivating collaborative relationships with the Board of Directors and the community. Excellent interpersonal, communication, and writing skills are required. Experience in the arts and/or community development work is essential, as is some relationship with the communities of Tucker County, WV. Understanding of accounting, marketing, office technology, and fundraising are important. Experience in a supervisory role is a plus. Bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not required, as is area residence.


    Compensation and Terms

    The Program Coordinator works part-time on contract for an estimated average of 20 hours per week fluctuating throughout the year (960 hours, not counting unpaid vacation), with the busiest time occurring before, during, and after the annual festival (March-June). The compensation is negotiable; a year-end bonus is determined through administrative review based on mutually determined performance metrics derived from the job descriptors. The contract ends June 30, 2019 and is renewable.



    Please submit (1) a letter of interest, (2) a statement of qualifications/resume, and (3) contact information for three references to ArtSpring as soon as possible, or by October 10 for full consideration.  The position will be open until filled. Electronic submissions are preferred and can be sent to <pres@artspringwv.com>. Please use the subject line Re: ArtSpring Position Application.

    For more information about ArtSpring, visit www.artspringwv.com and follow us on Facebook

    Revised September 2018

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